Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
Tumblr dedicated to the awesome ice dancing duo Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir! Credit for pictures and videos goes to the owners.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Sorry to bother you, I was just wondering where you get HD pictures of Scott and Tessa?


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Anonymous asked: sometimes i wonder how d/w fans feel knowing that the only way D/W can win an OGM over V/M is through corruption. is it just me or is FS becoming more scripted than professional wrestling? i guess we can only hope that v/m outskate and outperform D/W so D/W can be remembered as robbing V/M of their second OGM. i guess jbutt's quote is ever so relevant now - " Is a medal for your country worth the demise of the entire sport?"

If it only were a fair Olympics, but V/M have everything stacked against them if we look at what the insiders are saying, the tech panel, the judges, Marina etc. I hope that V/M have four memorable skates that they can be proud of.

Agreed, this quad has been a mess. Time to revamp the IJS and to get more credible judges. 

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Anonymous asked: one of your anons said that v/m will be walking away with 2 silver medals. Im really hoping for the gold for them but besides that, does team canada not have a good chance to contend for the gold medal in the team event?

Yes, I’m still hoping for gold too. Canada has a great chance for the team event if Patrick skates both the SP & LP. But it’s gonna be Russia if everything goes their way. 

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Casual spotting in downtown London. The fangirl in me squealed a bit (a lot). @tessascottonw

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Tessa Virtue (Vancouver 2010)

Anonymous asked: Hey :) It's sinking in that this could be the last 3 weeks of Tessa and Scott's amateur career :( Don't know how I'm going to get through these Games! I still have this feeling though that they will stay in for just one more season, I don't know why; but my gut is telling me. What do you think?

Hello! I’ve been thinking more about the Olympics so I haven’t really thought about that yet. I think they’ll stay for one more season! It’d be great to see two more great programs added to their portfolio. Besides, I think they’re not ready yet to retire. 

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Q & A with Tessa Virtue

Tessa Virtue
Age: 24
Hometown: London
Ice Dance
Gold medallist at the Vancouver 2010 Games
Sponsors: RBC, P&G

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Anonymous asked: Is it bad that I'm hoping DW fall during the olympics....

Don’t do that! I’m still highly superstitious about these things; we don’t want bad karma for V/M. 

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Anonymous asked: Sorry I think I missed something. An 'insider' saying that the Ice Dance results are already decided? Is this a fact or the usual "the results are rigged" excuse?

I’d absolutely love if we didn’t hear about these insiders saying DW will win including the teams’ exact placements for the individual and team events.

I’m still hoping for V/M to win, but there’s already two rumors going around about things going in D/W’s favor. And the sources are apparently good/legit ones.

Another thing - Shawn Rettstatt being the USA judge for the team event is a concern if we take into account his past scoring. And the tech panel also won’t do V/M any favors.

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